Doctors’ Office Marketing Program

The NAID Doctor’s Office Marketing Program provides a simple system, including various tools, to develop more business from this lateral market, representing thousands of potential clients in most metropolitan areas who have a real business need for secure data destruction.

With the liabilities created by HITECH modifications to HIPAA several years ago in the US, and now the GDPR in the EU and updates to PIPEDA in Canada as well as changes across the globe to other regulations, there are now mandatory investigation and fines, data breach notification, and significantly increased enforcement.

Office Training

The NAID Doctors’ Office Marketing Program includes training tools used to develop the interest of doctors’ and dentists’ offices. HIPAA requires that employees be properly trained on data protection. HHS has also said that when medical facilities properly train employees, the consequences for an incident will be considerably less than when no training has been provided.

The Program


NAID Members develop interest from doctors and dentists’ offices using calls, speeches, trade exhibitions, direct mail, articles, seminars, etc. The initial contact brochure entitled, “We Promise Less” is specifically designed to get their attention.


The Free NAID Customer Employee Training Program is a tangible benefit which will also create strong interest.


Once a medical provider is interested, the Program provides all the material needed to conduct the training and provide acknowledgement and agreements necessary to establish a HIPAA-compliant PHI disposal program.

Available Tools

The “We Promise Less” initial contact brochure

Necessary Templates and Forms

HIPAA Compliant Disposal Folder” for professional delivery of the program

“Data Safe Zone” Counter Stand and Window Stickers to reassure patients that the medical practice values the protection of their personal health information

ProperPHIdisposal website provides a safe site to address regulatory definitions, challenges, resources, and news

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