MEMBER News: BitRaser SSD & Mobile Erasure Software Receives ADISA Certification

Metuchen, New Jersey | 6th February 2020: BitRaser SSD and Mobile erasure software has received certification from ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance), an international accreditation body specializing in data risk management and data protection within asset retirement domain.

ADISA independently tested & validated data wiping capabilities of BitRaser Drive Eraser and BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics software that specializes in secure sanitization of SSD and mobile devices respectively. ADISA accreditation for BitRaser SSD and Mobile erasure software is among other coveted test & certifications such as NYCE, STQC & the likes that augment BitRaser as having the ability to meet data security & privacy compliance needs in line with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA and other laws.

“The ADISA certification is another milestone for Stellar. This provides added assurance to enterprise service providers, government institutions, SMBs & individuals that our data erasure solutions are compliant with the most stringent & rigorous regulatory standards world-wide & ensure end-to-end security of their information. Globally, there has been a rise in the number of data breaches over the years, and new data protection regulations are being introduced. We are committed to delivering the best data erasure solution to meet the rapidly changing data security needs of industries world-wide‘’, said Mr. Chandna, CEO, Stellar.

“The Product Claims Test is an independent validation of software overwriting tools. We took a claim made about BitRaser and tested that in a controlled laboratory environment using forensic techniques aligned to the ADISA Test Level 1. The media tested was a SSD and iPhone with no user data being able to be recovered after the test”, said Dr. Andrew Blyth, Head, ADISA Test Lab.

ADISA Product Testing & Validation Methodology

The test conducted by ADISA on SSD drive using BitRaser Drive Eraser validates that the software when used in accordance with the specification (NIST 800-88 standard), sanitizes data on SSD as outlined in ADISA Test. The ADISA certification process is multi-tier & requires testing a SSD drive against known ADISA data threats and residue after it has been securely overwritten by BitRaser. The ADISA Threat Matrix defines a series of capabilities and risks that various threat agents can pose on the security of a device.

Similarly, ADISA Product Claims Test Method was used for rigorous testing of BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics. The process involved erasure of iPhone 8 by using BitRaser tool in accordance with the specifications to wipe mobile devices. The test methodology verified effectiveness of the software against data privacy threats posed by a slew of Threat Actors. ADISA test validated & certified BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics as a secure sanitization tool for mobile devices.

The copy of the ADISA certificate is available at

About BitRaser

BitRaser is a robust tool for erasing SSD, HDD, laptop, desktop, server & mobile devices (Android® & iOS®) as per international standards such as NIST 800-88, DoD 3 & 7 Passes, HMG, etc. The software generates tamperproof certificates & reports of erasure that are cloud accessible & serve as an immutable audit trail for meeting compliance with global data privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, GLB, SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, PCI DSS etc. BitRaser also brings built-in media diagnostic capabilities to ascertain health and functional state of storage & mobile devices.

BitRaser is an innovation by Stellar, global data care experts since 1993. Stellar is best known for data recovery, data erasure, mailbox conversion, and file repair software & services. Stellar solutions are trusted by more than 3 million individuals & Fortune 500 companies globally.


ADISA is an accreditation body specializing in risk management and data protection within asset retirement. Launched in 2010, ADISA operates a range of certification schemes to help bring assurance to the process of IT asset retirement and disposition.

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