Observations of the paperless office, Part 2

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO In my last post, I described how a recent article about the decrease in business communications paper drew its conclusion from flawed evidence. In case you missed that post or the article, the author pointed to an overall decrease in all paper consumption to prove his point. The graph included […]

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In-house destruction puts the fox in charge of the hen house

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Most NAID members know that I was in the secure destruction business for 14 years prior to founding NAID. While the marketplace has changed immensely in the 19 years since, my time in the trenches when the industry was very young showed me the value of outsourcing. For instance, in […]

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Beyond good service and good manners

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO I read a book a few years ago called “The Ultimate Question,” which chronicles the ascent of Enterprise Rental Car from a backwater operation to the No. 2 spot in that arena. In essence, the book maintained that Enterprise’s success resulted from hiring an outside service to contact customers asking […]

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