July 2019

Knowledge is Power… and Profitable

It is commonly understood that professional services command significant economic advantage over services requiring no perceived expertise.  For most, medical doctors come to mind, and even within their ranks, those with specialized expertise extract the highest prices. Before you think I’ve lost it, I’m not going to tell data destruction and RIM professionals that they […]

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Looking Under the Hood: How Clients Can Look Beyond False Assurances

By Bob Johnson The unethical business practices found in every business have one thing in common; they prey on customers who don’t know any better. It’s not the customer’s fault. They’re not supposed to be experts. I know more than most about cars, but that doesn’t mean some unethical auto mechanic couldn’t pick my pocket. […]

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Inaugural iG Journal Heralds Destruction Industry’s Continued Vitality

NAID members will soon receive the first edition of the new iG Journal, which replaces the NAIDnews as the association’s flagship publication this year. In advance of the mailing, we’re giving readers a sample of the exciting content the new periodical has in store. In his article “Equals Growth,” i-SIGMA CEO and destruction industry expert, Bob Johnson, presents […]

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