June 2018

NAIDnews From the Editor: Evolution in Action

I am a dinosaur fan. There is something about them – perhaps a culmination of their might, gentleness, ferocity, biological intrigue, and historical mystery that captures my attention and makes me smile when I think of them. Here at NAID headquarters, my office bookshelf has a space dedicated to these beasts of yesterday. And by […]

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NAID Board Makes Key Appointments

The NAID Board of Directors made several key committee appointments in June, in addition to extending the terms of others. Michael Payton, CSDS of  The Data Vault was approved as Chair for the NAID CSDS Board of Regents, the body which oversees the integrity and efficacy of the association’s Certified Secure Destruction Specialists (CSDSs). Michael […]

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Certificate Awarded for NAID AAA Certification Gets Facelift

Starting next month, members achieving or renewing NAID AAA Certification will be issued the new certificate designed to give customers a better explanation of the program’s role and importance in regulatory compliance. “While the traditional certificate issued to NAID AAA Certified service providers was suitable for display, it did little in the way of explaining […]

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New Colorado Data Protection Law – Another Reason to Act

On May 29, the Colorado state legislature passed House Bill 18-1128, giving organizations doing business there yet another reason to make sure they’re properly destroying any and all personally identifying information (PII). Besides expanding the definition of PII, and refining the state’s data breach notification requirements, the new law states that covered entities must develop and/or maintain […]

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NAID and PRISM International – Merger Progress Report

It was only one month ago that the PRISM International membership ratified plans to merge with NAID. Since then, both organizations have been working hard behind the scenes preparing the final transition. The next step in the process is the execution of the contract by the respective association presidents, detailing the merger of finances and […]

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Using the Privacy Notices as a Sales Tool

Bob Johnson, CEO, NAID May 25th was the effective date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As the most progressive data protection regulation on the planet, it is obviously a great sales and market tool for secure destruction and RIM service providers in the region. That being said, because of the GDPR’s scope, it also provides sales […]

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