July 2017

Leverage NAID Content to Your Advantage

Kelly Martínez, NAID Director of Marketing & Communications Have you ever heard the phrase “Content is King”? Bill Gate first coined the phrase in 1996 and Marketers have made it a religious mantra ever since – with good cause of course. Gates predicted, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be […]

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Self-Storage Shaming: Example Shows How Far Information Management Has to Go

Bob Johnson, CEO, NAID The headline a few days ago read: “WSU gets costly lesson in theft of hard drive with more than 1 million people’s personal data.” It then goes on to say how Washington State University (WSU) spent $150,000 as a result of the theft of information (a hard drive in this case) […]

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Conclusion – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 12)

By Bob Johnson I came into this blog series with two intentions: First, I wanted to demonstrate the fact that the new Information Disposition textbook confronts the top ten misconceptions that keep NAID members from best serving their customers. And that, properly understood and used, it could help service providers overcome those misconceptions. Second, many […]

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Customer Misconception: A Compliance Officer is Unnecessary – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 11)

By Bob Johnson NAID members rated this issue as tenth in our survey of misconceptions that prevent them from providing service to their customers and prospects. Personally, I think it is in reality much higher. I believe that if every company had a person on staff responsible for the organization’s compliance, there would be a […]

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