May 2017

Customer Misconception: Only a Small Portion of Discarded Media Must be Destroyed – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 6)

By Bob Johnson There are several ways in which data controllers put themselves at risk by destroying only a portion of what should be destroyed. Usually it is by letting employees decide what should be securely destroyed and what can be disposed of casually. It is most commonly seen where a data controller gives the […]

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Customer Misconception: Recycling is Adequate – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 5)

By Bob Johnson Of all the misconceptions, that put clients at risk and minimize the role of service providers in protecting clients, mistaking general unsecure recycling as a substitute for secure destruction is among the most disturbing. As Information Disposition explains on page 125 of Chapter 6: Secure Destruction Methodologies: Reducing paper media to pulp […]

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Customer Misconception: Only Large Records Purges Need Destruction (not daily paper) – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 4)

Bob Johnson, NAID CEO The third most costly misconception is when customers do not give appropriate attention to destroying the media that they discard on a daily basis in the normal course of business (usually waste paper). In fairness, most of the data destruction industry growth in the U.S. market over the past 15 years […]

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Customer Misconception: No Need for a Contract – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 3)

Bob Johnson, NAID CEO This is the third installment in my blog series on using the Information Disposition textbook to overcome the most costly customer misconceptions. It makes perfect sense that customers who do not see the critical importance of vendor qualifications would also minimize the value of having a contract with those vendors. Information Disposition will […]

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