May 2015

Are you connecting?

By Ray Barry, NAID Deputy Executive Director The key to accumulating a long list of loyal clients in the document destruction industry is “relationship-based” solution selling. It is no longer a transactional sale but more of a complex sale with moving parts. Anyone can quote a price for a specific service. If clients just wanted […]

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Clients are not data destruction experts

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Unfortunately, some clients have a troublesome and risky perspective on their data destruction requirements. Namely, they think they already know all they need to know. Here are symptoms of that risky perspective: The client is only interested in the price. The client views any discussion about qualifications as an attempt […]

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Feel the burn to build your business

By Amy Larrimore, Chief Executive Officer of The Gamechanger If you wanted to get into shape and you followed the path that most people pursued, you’d join a gym. The reason people join gyms is because a gym has some version of everything needed to supercharge the human physique in multiple variations to spark motivation. […]

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Excuses and blame prevent success

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Whose fault is it if a competitor is screwing up the marketplace with low pricing? Who’s to blame if a customer doesn’t care about service provider qualifications? I know a very successful guy in our industry who will tell you it doesn’t matter. First, he says, whining about things you […]

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