January 2015

Data breaches: Are they good for business?

By Tom Dumez, President of Prime Compliance We have all read the stories: a large retail store has a data breach, a large home improvement store has a breach, a large U.S. post office has a breach, a large motion picture company has been hacked, and this list goes on and on. Nowadays, data breach […]

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It’s illegal to hire data destruction services on price alone

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Let’s just say ABC Corporation hires a data destruction service because they are the lowest price. It does not take a lot to imagine that scenario, right? It happens all the time – maybe most of the time. It also would not surprise anyone that the lowest bidder might also […]

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Mission critical: Examination of new data protection laws

By Dr. Ross Federgreen, CSR CEO, CIPM, CIPP, European Privacy Association More than half of U.S. states today have enacted data protection laws and regulations, growing from just 15 states a year ago. Federal and international authorities also impose obligations on organizations to provide security for the legally protected personal information or personally identifiable information […]

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Why a ‘destroy all’ data disposal strategy is the only reasonable option

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO A “destroy all” data disposal strategy is the only safe and reasonable option. For instance, at our organization, I have no control over our firewall. Emails are scanned to remove harmful links. It would be very difficult for any employee to circumvent these data protection measures. I think most people would agree the more […]

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