March 2014

What is this 5S?

By Mitzi Ott, Recall So simple, sure seems suspicious … No, not those five S’s. Today, in a world of instantaneous marketing brought to business operators via their inbox and social media sites, it almost seems like everything that seems too good to be true, really is. Take heart. This is the real deal. 5S is a […]

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Six SEO tips for the paper shredding industry

By Drew Dekker, NetGain Vice President These days, getting found online is one of the most important factors for the success of any business, and that goes for shredding companies as well. Just a few short years ago, direct mail and newspaper advertising was the best way to drive leads but the times have changed. […]

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A game changer that has been years in the making

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO My first reaction was, “WOW!” My second reaction was, “It’s about time.” My third reaction was, “This is going to change everything.” I am talking about the news that a judge in Florida just awarded $3 million to plaintiffs in a class action suit stemming from a data breach after a laptop […]

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How to position yourself to access the C-Suite

By Tom Adams, Coach and Adviser It’s an important goal for almost every salesperson: get access to senior executives in prospective client companies — the C-Level decision makers who approve deals. While they are not always involved in the actual purchase of services, it is clear they have enormous sway over which providers get an […]

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Firing customers: The theory of next

By Joe Harford, Reclamere founder Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. We’re going to have a conversation about firing customers, a concept that many of you are probably not only unfamiliar with, but you are most likely very uncomfortable with as well. However, at Reclamere, we have found that “The Theory of […]

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