June 2013

What if NAID had been an institute instead of an association?

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Way back when the idea of creating a secure destruction industry organization came about, I originally envisioned it as an institute rather than a trade association. The idea was that industry participants would contribute to a non-profit institute, which would use those contributions to fund research, raise awareness of the […]

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Compliance and data security are not the same things

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO On Tuesday, I described how privacy and data security, though often thought of interchangeably, are two distinct and separate concepts. Today, I will show how data security and regulatory compliance, concepts often thought of as synonymous, are actually significantly different as well. For instance, if an organization destroyed their discarded […]

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Privacy and data security are not the same things

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO When I address an audience of privacy professionals, especially an international audience, I often point to the fact that the U.S. has the strongest data protection regulations in the world. In such occasions, I get two reactions: confusion, as if they are struggling to understand how I could possibly be […]

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A message that’s ready for any business group

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO In preparing to serve as Friday’s opening speaker at the Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association’s (OOHNA) Keeping Workers Well event, it occurred to me how far the issue of proper disposal has come over the past decade. Most of the other sessions revolve around the quality of care issues and working within […]

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Is it time for a new sales strategy?

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO At one point in my career in the secure destruction industry, before NAID, I made my living as a consultant. One of the proudest moments in my life came when the largest company in the industry at that time, Document Services, Inc. (DSI), in Detroit, Mich., hired me for a turnaround […]

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