March 2013

Sitting at the center of the secure destruction universe

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO As I sit in my hotel room preparing for NAID 2013 to begin, it dawns on me how unique and valuable this event really is. For the next three days, it will represent the highest concentration of secure destruction knowhow, innovation, education, equipment, networking and professionalism anywhere on the planet. The event […]

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Depth of NAID structure often overlooked

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Many NAID members are unaware of the depth and complexity of the association’s operating structure. That’s unfortunate because it is a big deal and speaks to the seriousness with which association staff takes their roles. Take NAID Certification, for instance. There are two chartered bodies in NAID that are responsible […]

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Social media is online networking for your business

By Paul Garfunkel, Intek Leasing I have been asked several times why social media is beneficial to my business. The answer is simple, social media is the online equivalent of a networking event. These days it’s harder and harder to meet with prospective clients face to face. In my case, I service clients all over […]

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This year’s conference has some killer sessions

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Anyone who has worked on a NAID conference committee knows that the event often starts with as many as 80 potential sessions. In fact, selecting the short, final list of sessions, about 25, is one of the committee’s biggest challenges. The point is a lot of thought and debate goes […]

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What is the role of subject matter expertise in relationship selling?

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Anybody in sales is all too familiar with sayings like “people do business with people,” “all sales are based on relationships,” and “people buy emotionally and explain it intellectually.” The reason we are so familiar with these sayings is that they are largely true. Sometimes the relationship is between two […]

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