November 2012

The holiday season presents often overlooked opportunities

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO First, let me say that I understand that for many people, including me, the holidays have a deep significance that is often lost in materialistic concerns and pursuits. My comments today are not designed to contradict or capitalize on that meaning. From a practical perspective, however, the holidays represent a […]

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Giving thanks for NAID and its members

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Ok, it is not very original or creative to write about gratitude on Thanksgiving Day but here I go. Though celebrated on different days and in different ways, the holiday has been around for thousands of years. The Horn of Plenty is actually a symbol from Greek mythology. The turkey […]

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Economic challenges and predications of disaster are nothing new

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO As long as history has been recorded, economic and social worrywarts have been predicting social and economic collapse. Recently, I read an article about the imminent collapse of civilization due to the decay of social morals and the rise of materialism, government corruption, and personal greed. It sounded like it […]

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In-house destruction puts the fox in charge of the hen house

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Most NAID members know that I was in the secure destruction business for 14 years prior to founding NAID. While the marketplace has changed immensely in the 19 years since, my time in the trenches when the industry was very young showed me the value of outsourcing. For instance, in […]

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What do you do when a customer calls with wet paper?

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Last week, NAID issued a press release offering advice to organizations that may have been left with wet paper records after Hurricane Sandy. The main purpose of the release was to provide advice on the legalities of discarding damaged records that were still within their retention period. The release provided […]

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Take note of two upcoming events

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Understandably, NAID members look to the association as a source of education. NAID takes this responsibility very seriously and member feedback tells us we’re doing a pretty good job so far. From the extreme intensity of Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS) training, the very successful free Summer School Webinar Series, the quarterly journal […]

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